Peter Charbonneau Design

Peter Charbonneau Design

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Mahi Patient Video
August 28, 2022

Mahi is a firecracker. Having a hand in animating her patient video intro and transitions was a joyous process for me.

Gordon’s Live!
February 13, 2021

On February 8, the Power Records Project streamed a live performance of an original Flash Gordon radio serial from 1935. It was the next step in the evolution of an idea that grew out of my two-week adventure with COVID back in March. Something that start

Hang the DJ
May 14, 2018

Hang the DJ. Wait, hang on a second. One thing I wanted to accomplish when I moved to St. Petersburg from D.C. was to experience a night at a local bar spinning some of the music that has shaped and influenced my life. I had no equipment, no experience an