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July 07, 2023

A fresh Fit2B workout sample, exercise tip, contributor spotlight, and links to any new content we've made each week!

Hot Yoga 26+2 Prep – M/TS
June 16, 2023

Have you been curious about “Hot Yoga” but nervous to try a class because you’ve heard that it’s intense and sweaty + you suspect that your core, knees, and shoulders aren’t ready? Or maybe you’ve tried a class, but the script they follow was fast and ove

Subtle Standing Moves for Meetings – E/TS
June 02, 2023

Need some quiet motions for meetings, church sermons, zooms, and other classes to keep your blood circulating and your muscles happy without drawing attention to yourself? Watch this video, take some notes, or play it on silent during your next event. Als

Wind Releasing Routine – E/TS
May 19, 2023

Got gas? Get ready to say goodbye to bloated bellies with this sequence of specially ordered movements and poses that will aid digestion and banish the bubbles! This routine starts standing and finishes in a supine, laying down position. The order of move

5 Ways to Turn Household Chores into a Workout
May 03, 2023

If you could sign over one task to The Chore Fairy, what would it be? A. Dinner B. Vacuuming C. Dishes Leave your answer below, but consider this too: It’s great to workout with “perfect” technique, but your core is likely working just a

How Trauma Affects Your Tummy Muscles
April 19, 2023

Here on Fit2B we provide specialized workouts for women whose cores need extra attention. Often – not always – there is trauma somewhere in their past. However, as I begin this blog about how trauma can affect our tummy muscles – keep in

10 Reasons to Add Balls to Your Workouts
April 06, 2023

Remember dodgeball? I hated that game as a kid. My aim was worthless, and were my reflexes. I could never duck in time! My mom was literally in awe when I went out for soccer as a senior in high school, and I also did shotput – which involves using

Shining Savasana – E/TS
April 05, 2023

Filmed at the closing of our Winter Conference in 2021, this routine wrapped up the day and helped all of us relax and reward ourselves. Savasana is the yoga term for “corpse pose” where you’re laying down, flat and settled, like you’re grey and dead. Exc

Sterling Center – E/TS
April 05, 2023

Solid sterling silver has great value. It can form a strong ring that supports more precious gems, or it can carry nourishment to our mouths in the form of silverware. Let’s learn how to keep our centers “sterling” strong with some sparkly new exercises i

Silver Linings – M/TS
April 05, 2023

Every cloud has a silver lining, and moving our limbs in straight lines is a shining example of long-lever motions that create a core workout like no other. As we age, it’s crucial to maintain bone density and power output. These goals are achieved by con