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Fit Chicks Podcast Archives - FIT CHICKS ACADEMY

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FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 502 – Million Dollar Workout Lab Replay
July 18, 2023

  We are in the middle of our Summer Fast Track programs and wanted to take the time to pull back the curtains this week and share how we built a 7 figure group fitness business from our living room, with our Million Dollar Workout Lab. This is a replay t

FIT CHICKS Chat Bonus Episode – How to Fast Track Your Fitness & Nutrition This Summer
July 13, 2023

  Today on FIT CHICKS chat we have a special bonus episode where we explore more details about the Summer Fast Track Certification programs we have available right now for enrollment. We discuss things like, why choose a summer fast track program? What be

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 500 – Celebrating 500 Episodes!!
July 11, 2023

  Today marks our 500th episode of FIT CHICKS Chat and what a fun ride it has been. We have loved sharing our thoughts on fitness, nutrition and wellness with you all and dedicate today to sharing your top episodes you loved. We are discussing the most do

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 499 – Top 5 Benefits To At Home Workouts
July 04, 2023

  We love us a good at home workout here at FIT CHICKS Academy. In fact, when we started out on our fitness journey at the age of 15 we fell in love with at home VHS workouts, yes we are that old lol. Since there at home workouts have evolved and so has t

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 498 – Getting Started On Your Fitness Journey As a Newbie
June 28, 2023

  Getting started on your fitness journey can feel a bit overwhelming, especially with so much information overload out there, it can be tough to decide where to begin. Most often we will default to what we “think” we should do or what we maybe have tried

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 497 – Summer Nutrition Makeover
June 20, 2023

  When it comes to nutrition in the summer months, it can be very easy to feel like you are all over the place. The kids are home, traveling and vacation can leave you feeling like you have no consistency. In this episode, Head Chick Laura shares her top

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 496 – The Accountability Equation
June 13, 2023

  What is the #1 thing that drives every successful fitness and nutrition program? It is having the proper accountability set up to succeed. Oftentimes, we think of accountability as someone to check in with, which is a part of the equation, but there is

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 495: You Just Have To Start – Interview with Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Danielle Jean
June 06, 2023

  Life is full of ups and downs and it can be sooo easy to find a reason to push our health, wellbeing, personal goals etc aside when you are on what feels like a big down swing. Today we are chatting with Fitness and Nutrition Graduate and founder of Fea

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 494- The 4 Shifts To Programs You Need to Know Before Summer Starts
May 30, 2023

  Is this the season to slow down or ramp up on your health goals? Just like the weather changes, life and our goals have seasons too. Summer can be a time where clients feel like putting their fitness & nutrition goals on pause. It is also a time whe

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 493 – Choosing Your Perfect Fitness Path
May 23, 2023

  Choosing your perfect fitness path can sometimes feel overwhelming or confusing. With so many different programs out there it can be tough to choose. Today on FIT CHICKS Chat we share our top 3 ways on how to ease this decision and get on the right path