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Radiohead Heads Radio

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Episode 60 – Bending Hectic
July 11, 2023

Summer’s here and the time is right for some outdoor music. We saw the Smile at a tennis court in Queens and we brought along our friend and confirmed millennial, Eddie Hernandez. Together we geek ou

Episode 59 – 2+2=5
June 19, 2023

Twenty years ago Radiohead released their lengthy fifth album and we want to celebrate it in all its chaotic glory! We reminisce about Hail to the Thief’s release in 2003 and how its themes resonante

Episode 58 – Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
May 05, 2023

We’ve got a jam-packed new episode with a newspile that is huge and all over the place. We chat about Radiohead’s music showing up yet again in all movies, trailers, and tv shows (YELLOWJACKET SPOILER

Episode 57 – Strange Dance
March 07, 2023

It’s time to discuss our favorite gentleman drummer, Phil Selway. His new album, Strange Dance, has arrived and we give our thoughts on it. Did we like it? How does it compare to his other albums? Is

Episode 56 – Present Tense
February 06, 2023

So much is going on with the Radiohead lads that we had to do a full-on newspile episode! We talk about Phil’s two connected music videos from his forthcoming solo album, plus his many fascinating int

Episode 55 – Read the Room
January 02, 2023

It may be a new year but we’re not done with 2022! We recap the Smile’s North American tour and go over more new songs, highlights, and some strange moments. We also talk about our favorite music from

Episode 54 – the Opposite
November 28, 2022

The Smile’s North American tour is finally happening and we were lucky enough to nab tickets! We divided and conquered two different nights, so in this episode we compare our concert experiences with

Episode 53 – Pana-vision
October 24, 2022

Halloween is upon us, so we decided to try out a spooky movie sync: the 2018 eerie sci-fi thriller Annihilation and the Smile’s debut album. The results were uncanny and sometimes astonishing! We also

Episode 52 – People on Balconies
August 01, 2022

It’s summertime so you know what that means...more the Smile! We discuss their European tour and the many new and exciting songs they debuted. We also chat about Ed’s fantastic interview with Shaun Ke

Episode 51 – Fitter Happier
June 14, 2022

It’s OK Computer’s 25th birthday so it’s time to party like it’s 1997! We eagerly dive into the various retrospectives releases for the occasion, including an illuminating track-by-track breakdown wit