Podcast – Scratch My Brain

Podcast – Scratch My Brain

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Podcast – Brad Farberman
February 03, 2021

Brad Farberman talks to Jeff about his upcoming Bandcamp Friday compilation to support live music venues, meeting people on twitter, and other stuff. https://bradfarberman.bandcamp.com Brad on twitter (for dad jokes): https://twitter.com/BradFarberman Dis

Podcast: Ken Vandermark
January 20, 2021

Ken Vandermark is a Chicago based musician and organizer. He helped found Catalytic Sound, and they recently started their own streaming service. Jeff and Ken talk about that…and other stuff. http://catalyticsound.com https://stream.catalyticsound.c

Podcast #1
January 09, 2006

Well, here it is, the first Scratch My Brain podcast. SMB Podcast Episode 1 This first episode has has music from Jesse Lewis Union and a track from the Jeff Albert & Ed Barrett album Duets Vol. 1, as well as some discussion of other podcasts that ha