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Argentine Tango Radio

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Interview with Papageno
March 24, 2022

Papageno, one of Hungary's leading musical culture magazines, made a longer interview with me about the story of Argentine Tango Radio, tango DJing, and argentine tango culture in general. For those reading Hungarian (or feeling brave to experiment wit backup stream, milonga stream down
January 30, 2021

For several years I had a covert TTVTTM tanda-structured milonga stream running under, and last March I pointed my public backup player to it, with the intention to provide milonga music for home-constrained couples, until real

Argentine tango radio
November 15, 2015

After long planning I recently launched a new online Argentine tango radio which plays 7/24 from my selection of danceable tangos, valses, and milongas. Here is a link to the current radio page: Argentine Tango Radio . Alternatively, you may li