Unreached People Groups

Unreached People Groups

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How Rehab Professionals can care for and advance the gospel to people with disabilities around the world
June 28, 2023

In this session participants will be exposed to the role rehabilitation professionals can play in addressing the needs of persons with disabilities around the world and how addressing these needs can advance the gospel. We'll explore the prevelance of

What is My Place in the World of Missions
May 24, 2023

There is a shift happening in missions, what is God up to and what is my role? https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_charlievittitow_whatismyplace

God of the Desert: Finding hope and beauty in our trials
April 26, 2023

Like the prophet Elijah in the Old Testament, many times we as followers of Jesus who seek to make His name known, find ourselves crying out to God “I have had enough Lord”. Learning how to find God in our trials and to trust His loving faithf

God's Heart for the Nations - Why it Matters for All Health Care Practitioners
April 19, 2023

God painted His heart for the Nations throughout the pages of His Word, from Genesis to Revelation... If we live our lives, spend our money, eat/drink, exercise, pray, and practice medicine without catching this vision, we're missing out on the greate

A Third of Us: What It Takes to Reach the Unreached
April 14, 2023

Today over three billion people, a third of the inhabitants of the earth, have yet to hear the good news of Jesus. They have no opportunity to believe in him as their Savior. Of all the injustices in the world – and there are many that are quite dis

Five Principles for Long-term impact on a Short-term trip
April 05, 2023

This session is for those interested in leaving a lasting impact in one's overseas involvement. Often, the impact lasts only as long as the team is on the ground. If you would like to discover one way to have a lasting impact without creating dependen

And Then the End Will Come
March 24, 2023

We live in the most amazing days since Jesus walked the earth. The global church is sprinting toward the finish line of the 2000-year Great Commission race, and by God’s grace, our generation may be the one to finish it. In this session, Douglas Cob

Breaking Chains of Dependency: Impacting underserved communities through servant leadership
March 15, 2023

Breaking the Chains of Dependency: Impacting underserved communities through servant leadership Underserved communities, such as those in Africa, have been the long-time recipients of outside aid, yet there is little sustainable change. Dependency on outs

Our Current Missions Assignment (Expanded)
February 22, 2023

The missional landscape has changed. The recent global events, the shifting distribution of Christians, and the realities of what God is allowing; are presenting a whole new missional landscape. What then are the new structures, approaches, and strategies

Exploring the Journey to Full-Time Missions: Agencies, Funding, Singles/Families, God’s Guidance
February 15, 2023

Hear healthcare missionaries share their journeys. In the first hour hear a panel of two docs and two nurses answer your questions as well as: How do I find God’s guidance in the journey? Why and How do I connect with a mentor, agency, team, and/or