Every Nation Southside

Every Nation Southside

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Daniel #1 - The Undefiled
August 01, 2021

We begin our new series with Luti Richards sharing on the book of Daniel and in particular on chapter 1. The sermon is titled 'The Undefiled'.

Spirit and Truth
July 25, 2021

Ps Taulu shares on John 4:23-24 and what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth. 

21st Temples #2
July 25, 2021

We conclude the 21st Temples Sermon series with Fitaloa landing the plane in regards to us carrying His presence and being His living temples. 

21st Temples #1
July 12, 2021

      Speaker: Pastor Taulu Schuster

Salt & Light #3 - God's People and Plan of renewal
July 06, 2021

27/06/21 - We conclude our 'Salt and Light' series with guest speaker Ps. Ken from Connect Co sharing from Isaiah 58 and what the Kingdom of God looks like through His children. God's kingdom is conne

Salt & Light #2 - God vs Oppression
July 06, 2021

20.06.21 - We continue our 'Salt and Light' series with Ps. Taulu sharing from Isaiah 3:1-4 and how God used Isaiah to tell His people what would happen due to their lack of dependence in their God. J

Salt & Light #1 - God vs False Religion
June 17, 2021

13.06.21 - We begin a new series called ‘Salt and Light’. With reference to Matthew 5:13-16, Ps Taulu discusses the importance of being salt and light in this generation. He continues in the book of I

Chase Down #3
June 09, 2021

We conclude our Chase Down series with Luti sharing on Matthew 11:11-12, breaking down this passage in bite size pieces for all to understand and the importance of what God has purposed for us to do a

Multi-Player #1
June 08, 2021

We begin our new series titled 'Multi-player'. This term is a gaming term which refers to when you play a game on a computer or a video console (e.g PS4) and it involves more than one player. In regar

Chase Down #1 - Promise Keeper
May 17, 2021

We begin a new sermon series called 'Chase Down'!  In this sermon, Rowena talks about God being a promise keeper.