Interviews – JAH WORKS RADIO

Interviews – JAH WORKS RADIO

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Jah Works Radio 6/27/2023 with Jahmali
June 29, 2023 What a vibe this week, family!  A few (fire!) songs into the show we get a surprise phone call from the one and only, Jahmali.  So, we hold an impromptu reasoning sessio

Jah Works Radio 5/31/2023
June 06, 2023 This week we get started with a high vibration extended tribute mix to the one, Akae Beka, featuring tunes from both the Midnite and Akae Beka eras.  Other artists featu

Jah Works Radio 3/7/2023 with Carlton Livingston
March 08, 2023 Get ready for a high vibration broadcast, family!  We are graced this week by the presence of reggae legend, Carlton Livingston.  So, you already know we fling tons of

Jah Works Radio 1/24/2023 with Haile Israel
January 30, 2023 We are graced this week to be joined by singer, guitar virtuoso and Rastafari elder, Haile Israel.  We get deep into a reasonin

Jah Works Radio 1/3/2023
January 09, 2023 Happy New Year!  Roots, lovers and a little digital is the order of the day this week, family!  Goin’ in deep with artists like Jacob Miller and Inner Circle, Marvin

Jah Works Radio 12/20/2022 Reasoning Series with Lester Loving
December 28, 2022 Greetings, family!  We return to our reasoning series – this week featuring the great Lester Loving.  With Ras E (Airik El) on the line, as well, we go in de

Jah Works Radio 11/1/2022 Reasoning Series with Peter Champoux
November 04, 2022 This week we return to our Reasoning Series and welcome special guest, Peter Champoux. Gaiagropher, author, sacred site and ley line map extraordinaire, Peter brin

Jah Works Radio 9/5/2022 Tribute to Cecil “Skelly” Spence
September 09, 2022 This week’s show is a loving tribute to the legend, Cecil “Skelly” Spence, who transitioned on August 26, 2022.  As one of the lead singers of Israel Vib

Jah Works Radio 8/9/2022
August 15, 2022 A fire set after a few weeks hiatus!  Vibes definitely on high this majestic night in the Ioneyez Studio as we fling big tunes coming from all the way back in the 70s to s

Jah Works Radio 5/10/2022 with C-RA and Natty Celeste
May 16, 2022 Another healing session of word, sound and power!  This week featuring artists like Koffee, Jaz Elise, Naomi Cowan, Samory I, Ras-I, Beres Hammond, Christopher Ellis