Rosh Hashanah – madlik

Rosh Hashanah – madlik

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First Fruits – First Prayers
September 15, 2022

parshat ki tavo – Deuteronomy 26 Join Geoffrey Stern and Rabbi Adam Mintz recorded on clubhouse on September 15th 2022. As we approach the high prayer season we trace the evolution of the oldest prayer preserved in the Torah. The … Continue re

Milk and Money
June 30, 2022

parshat korach, numbers 16-18 Join Geoffey Stern and Rabbi Adam Mintz recorded on June 30th 2022 on Clubhouse as we take a fresh look at Korach’s rebellion. Dathan and Abiram refer to Egypt as a Land Flowing with Milk and … Continue reading &#

Fight your own battles
September 11, 2015

The message of Rosh Hashanah is that God and only God is our King. - א'ן לנו מלך אלא אתה - No human official will fight our battles; no flesh and blood savior will come to our rescue. Continue reading →