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How recent Supreme Court rulings affect California students
July 13, 2023

Two recent Supreme Court decisions will have a disproportionate effect on Black and Latino students.

How home languages enhanced preschool curriculum in Fresno
June 29, 2023

Preschool teachers use information from family interviews to plan curriculum and incorporate songs and books in children’s home languages.

Long after wildfires, rural schools face frustration, homelessness, and mental trauma
June 22, 2023

Nearly three years ago, the Creek fire devastated the community of Big Creek and the town’s only elementary school.

Schools are counting – and helping – more homeless students
June 15, 2023

When Ana Franquis family was evicted, they had nowhere to turn. They found help with the school district.

How dogs help bring kids to therapy at this Central Valley school district
June 08, 2023

In Selma Unified School District in the Central Valley, two therapy dogs are helping destigmatize mental health services.

How a school lunch lady sparked better trauma response for schools
June 01, 2023

Leading experts discuss how school staff can help students recover from crisis, including the story of a lunch ladys response after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Want to know what high schoolers really think? Tune in to this radio station
May 25, 2023

Talk show topics range from political affairs to chess to dating advice and even an old-time radio drama, based on original scripts from the 1950s.

Should UC hire undocumented students for campus jobs?
May 18, 2023

Proponents say it would allow undocumented students to have the same access as other students to research and other campus jobs. Critics say it would encourage unauthorized immigration.

Schools face disastrous risk of flooding
May 11, 2023

As a record snowpack is poised to melt and send rivers surging over their banks, an EdSource analysis finds more than 1 in 5 schools are at risk of flooding.

How reading aloud can help older kids, too
May 04, 2023

Reading aloud can help students with fluency, knowledge and vocabulary and boosts their own reading skills.