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Current Kickstarter Graphic Novel Pricing Trends
July 16, 2023

How are creator's pricing their graphic novels on the Kickstarter platform currently? And what are some of the common trends specifically for graphic novel projects on Kickstarter? In this session, Ty

Overcoming Obstacles on the Way to Your First Comic Book Launch with Eye for an Eye’s Chance Edgerly
July 09, 2023

With the launch of his first comic book Eye for an Eye on Kickstarter, writer Chance Edgerly shows that even with a demanding day job, a newborn at home, and "not being able to draw to save his life"

Some New Ideas to Reinvigorate Kickstarter Backers [James Mascia Mastermind Hotseat]
July 02, 2023

Writer James Mascia asks the ComixLaunch roundtable to help brainstorm some new ideas to reinvigorate potential backers, as it seems like he's been recycling the same basic crowdfunding moves for a wh

Pre-launch Planning Ideas to Maximize Future Launches [Don Handfield Mastermind Hotseat]
June 25, 2023

With a few launches on the horizon, writer Don Handfield seeks the mastermind roundtable's advice on pre-launch planning ideas that will help me him get the most out of his Kickstarter launches.

How to Share Your Work With Confidence [Jeff Lorentz Mastermind Hotseat]
June 18, 2023

How do you build confidence in sharing your work, when you feel there is a gap between your personal taste and your own talent? In the midst of launching and funding his first Kickstarter campaign, wr

How to Deal with a Longer Kickstarter Dead Zone [Chris Brimmage Mastermind Hotseat]
June 11, 2023

Many crowdfunders feel like the Kickstarter "dead zone" hits earlier and last longer then ever these days. In this mastermind style session, writer Chris Brimmage asks the roundtable how to best deal

How to Appropriately Value Your Time as a Comic Creator [Scott Harris-King Mastermind Hotseat]
June 04, 2023

Creating and crowdfunding comics takes a wide range of skills and a ton of time to do it right. So, how exactly does a comic creator looking to build up his or her publishing line determine what jobs

Crowdfunding vs the Direct Market with Dead Air’s Benjamin Hunting
May 28, 2023

Writer Benjamin Hunting joins Tyler for a discussion about the differences between launching comics for the crowdfunding / Kickstarter market and publishing in the direct market.

Making Crowdfunding Comics Easier with Laurie Foster and Russell Nohelty
May 21, 2023

Get ready for a high-level comic book crowdfunding discussion with some of the most experienced creators in the game! Laurie Foster of Unlikely Heroes Studios and writer Russell Nohelty are back to di

From Solo Creator to Running a Full-Service Comic Studio with Joel Rodriguez
May 14, 2023

Over the past few years, creator Joel Rodriguez has grown his Metal Ninja Studios from a one-man operation to a full-service comic production and design studio. In this conversation with Tyler James,