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BubbleSort Show - 52: No Jerking Allowed
November 14, 2022

Clay, John and Vic discuss what they've been up to including some new software and hardware they have recently acquired.

BubbleSort Show - 51: 50 Shades Of Clay
September 22, 2022

Clay, John and Vic discuss, podcasting tools, the only voice acting job Chidgey ever turned down, the Fediverse social platform alternatives, Instagram becoming TikTok and still made time for Taylor S

BubbleSort Show - 50: The Thermal Corner In The Sky
April 07, 2022

Clay, John and Vic catch up and cover the latest Apple Event, vaccination mandates and more.

BubbleSort Show - 49: I Lack A Certain Cultural Awareness
February 12, 2022

Clay, Scott and Vic scatter, smother, cover & chunk an assortment of mini topics.

BubbleSort Show - 48: A Form I Can Live With
January 27, 2022

Clay has a Ricoh love, and Vic introduces us to a subculture we never knew existed.

BubbleSort Show - 47: It's Not the Podcast That You Wanted
January 12, 2022

It's not the podcast that you wanted, but it's the podcast that needs you.

BubbleSort TV - Believe: A Ted Lasso Podcast – S02E07 – Headspace
September 14, 2021

Everyone's cracking up, but is it with laughter or something worse?

BubbleSort TV - Believe: A Ted Lasso Podcast – S02E06 – The Signal
August 31, 2021

When will this show peak? And how do they keep making each episode better than the last? We don't know or care - just give us The Signal!

BubbleSort TV - Believe: A Ted Lasso Podcast – S02E05 – Rainbow
August 25, 2021

Is Rainbow the best Ted Lasso episode of Season 2? 2 out of 3 BubbleSort TV hosts think so!

BubbleSort Show - 46: A Brilliant Slap To The Face
August 23, 2021

Vic turns in his homework, we all wax poetic about HomeKit sensors, and Clay tells us what it’s like living with Florida Man.