The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast (SHWEP)

The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast (SHWEP)

Latest Episodes

Emily Selove and Matt Melvin-Koushki on Two New Postgraduate Programmes in Magic
June 28, 2023

There are exciting things afoot in the study of magic and esotericism. Emily Selove of the University of Exeter and Matt Melvin-Koushki from the University of South Carolina tell us about two new graduate programmes in the study of magic and related subje

Rune Hjarnø on the Project of (Nordic) Animism, Part II
June 21, 2023

More Nordic animism, plus a dive into pop culture, where the Mighty Thor (Kirby version) rubs shoulders with ancient gods.

Rune Hjarnø on the Project of (Nordic) Animism, Part I
June 14, 2023

We speak with Dr Rune Hjarnø, a man interested in reigniting the spirit of animism within European cultures. Note that that's ‘reigniting’, not importing from ‘indigenous’ cultures. Come for the yule-goats, stay for the Q-shaman.

I was Interviewed on the Weird Christmas Podcast!
December 24, 2022

Mithras, sadly, ain't the reason for the season. And yet ....

The Fifth Annual Report of the SHWEP
December 20, 2022

We reflect on the past year of doing the podcast, and this time we don't bother predicting how at the end of this coming year we will definitely have finally covered Proclus, because it's just never true. We'll confidently promise Zosimus of Panopolis and

Lucinda Martin on the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, Past, Present, and Future
December 13, 2022

We are delighted to speak with Dr Lucinda Martin, Director of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica and Ritman Research Institute in Amsterdam, one of the world's great collections for the study of western esotericism. We discuss the history and current

Cavan McLaughlin on Trans- States: Participant-Scholarship and the Boundaries of the Academy
July 13, 2022

We speak with Cavan McLaughlin, the guiding force behind a very interesting conference called Trans-States, which blurs the boundaries between the study of the esoteric and the esoteric itself. What happens when art, performance, ritual, magic(k), and a h

Esoteric Island Discs: Ben Chasny
December 30, 2021

Our castaway is Ben Chasny, guitarist and composer, whose long-time musical project Six Organs of Admittance is only the most well-known.

Fourth Annual Report of the SHWEP
December 29, 2021

We reflect on the year that was, with the usual divinatory prognostications for the year that will be, and wish our listeners a very esoteric 2022.

Howard Gayton on an Esoteric Pilgrimage to the COP-26 Summit
November 24, 2021

   (Living Esoteric Cultures Series Interview 6) A modern pilgrimage was undertaken by some British folks concerned about man-made climate change, from Henley-on-Thames up to the COP-26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, performing ceremonies along the way. Esote