Matthew – Hoover Church of Christ

Matthew – Hoover Church of Christ

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Hosanna in the Highest!
April 02, 2023

Surprised on Judgment Day
February 12, 2023

This is a familiar story to most Christians, and it’s been preached many times over the years to help people realize how much Jesus cares about our attitude toward those who are disadvantaged. And that’s certainly a needed emphasis. Tomorrow I

Lead Us
February 05, 2023

Forgive Us
January 29, 2023

Our Daily Bread
January 22, 2023

We come to the part of this beautiful prayer where Jesus leads us to express our needs. There are three requests–Give us our bread, forgive us our debts, and lead us not into temptation–and we’ll consider the first one tomorrow. The one

Your Kingdom Your Will
January 15, 2023

The Lord’s Prayer
January 08, 2023

A Simple Life
February 06, 2022

Three weeks ago we started a short series on what it looks like to follow Jesus in the midst of busy lives, lives where we feel pressured by so many expectations and distractions. What does following Jesus look like day-to-day? How do we do what life dema

Take My Yoke
January 23, 2022