Down In The DM's - OLD

Down In The DM's - OLD

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Once a cheater...?
March 03, 2022

Is it really true that once a cheater...always a cheater?

The dogs the dealbreaker
February 16, 2022

It's me or the dog...would you kick your dog off the bed just for someone to sleepover?

But it's what she wanted!
February 11, 2022

If you are willed something, but your sibling needs it more...what do you do?

Don't mess with my sister
February 04, 2022

When the brother wants to put his sisters ex on BLAST

He was kissing another girl
February 02, 2022

I saw him out kissing another girl...but guess who the girl was

No go on the tattoos for me
January 28, 2022

If you saw a tattoo like this...would you continue on?

Shared custody
January 19, 2022

I'd get it if it were kids...but really?

That's what you decide to wear?!
January 14, 2022

I bring you to my best friends meet all my family and friends, and that's what you decide to wear?

Okay this is a whole new low
January 07, 2022

What if you have no idea why you got ghosted... only to find out her was paid to go on a date with you? Major yikes

It's a no for me
January 05, 2022

If I see you dancing on tik tok...chances are it's a no for me