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Feed the Fae

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No Glory in Depression
January 26, 2023

there is no glory in depressionbut disheveled, unkempt hygiene, insomnia nights, “sleeping” days,eat too much, forget to eat, eat a little, wear the same pjs, underwear and… Read more "No Glory in Depression"

It All Started with Trying to Buy a Chair…
August 28, 2021

As I was perusing the Facebook Marketplace for things I could not afford, bookmarking things I hoped maybe I could work in the budget, a certain item… Read more "It All Started with Trying to Buy a Chair…"

♪♪You Are So Beautiful♪♪: Father’s Message to His Daughter
December 01, 2018

The video is definitely meant to provoke, because it definitely provoked me. But rather going for the heartwarming emotion, they took the opposite approach.