Dr. Grant Mullen

Dr. Grant Mullen

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Report from Ukraine
April 04, 2023

Christians are mobilized in Ukraine!This week we have a special guest Dr. Kathy Tolleson. She is a trauma counsellor from Florida. This is an excerpt of an interview I did for our Free Your Mind, healing from trauma course. In the course of the interview

Stop caterpillar vision
March 07, 2023

Do you see like a caterpillar?Tall grass is like a rainforest. Pebbles are mountains. Raindrops are lakes. Life is a tough crawl. In this video, start looking at the world differently. If you’d like to empty your baggage and elevate your perspective, come

So many Christians never find this
February 21, 2023

How do you feel about yourself?When you look in the mirror, who do you see? How would you describe yourself? Who are you, really? What is your worth? In this video you will discover a key to your true identity. If you’d like to learn how to find your true

We all have this hot button
February 06, 2023

Have you ever felt like a loser? I’m sure you have, we all have at some time in our lives. Why is that feeling so painful? It’s because it hits our shame button. In this video we are going to take down the stronghold of shame. If you’d like to learn how t

Why do we all do this?
January 31, 2023

Do you often beat yourself up?Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why is self talk usually negative? Why is it so hard to stop? In this video we look inside your head to solve that mystery. If you’d like to learn how to unload your baggage, hear God’s voice

This powerful weapon is aimed at you
January 17, 2023

What makes it hard to pray?Why are devotions such a struggle? Why can’t you hear God’s voice? Why are temptations so appealing? In this video you will uncover and disarm one of the enemy’s most powerful weapons that is being used against you. If you’d lik

What is D.I.D?
January 09, 2023

Is D.I.D. real?D.I.D means Dissociative Identity Disorder. It was formerly known as multiple personality disorder and is widely misunderstood. It's time to shine some light into a topic that's rarely discussed. In this video you will find answers to these

Are Antidepressants safe for Christians?
December 23, 2022

Are they addictive?What do antidepressants do? How do you know if the meds are working? How long do you need to stay on antidepressants? How can you tell if you’re on the right dose? Watch the video and remove the mystery and stigma around mental health m

Why is it hard to trust God?
December 05, 2022

Do you find it hard to trust God?Has he frustrated you? Have you been disappointed with his response? Is it getting harder to pray? Are you ashamed to admit it? Watch the video and learn the keys to trusting God. If you’d like to heal from past experience

Can’t we ignore emotional baggage?
November 29, 2022

Do you have emotional baggage?What’s in it? How did it get there? Is it really a problem? Why can’t we leave it in the past and move on? How can we get rid of it? In this video we’ll resolve the mystery of emotional baggage. If you’d like a step by step p