Grey’s Anatomy Uncut – Grey's Anatomy Uncut

Grey’s Anatomy Uncut – Grey's Anatomy Uncut

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3×17 Some Kind Of Miracle
April 06, 2023

SURPRISE! Becca and Emily are back from the dead (like Meredith) to talk about Grey’s Anatomy season three, episode seventeen (Some Kind Of Miracle). This is arguably one of the best episodes of the whole show. Listen as Becca and Emily discuss the

3×16 Drowning On Dry Land
June 11, 2021

It’s part two of the epic three-part Grey’s Anatomy event (Drowning On Dry Land) and Emily & Becca are stoked to dissect every moment! Meredith continues to metaphorically and literally disappear, Alex comes up with a clever way to identif

3×15 Walk On Water
May 04, 2021

Emily & Becca return to talk about season three episode fifteen of Grey’s Anatomy (Walk On Water). This is part one of the infamous ferryboat accident and it does not disappoint. Listen as they point out story arcs for each of the characters, ma

3×14 Wishin’ And Hopin’
April 09, 2021

Emily & Becca return to discuss season three, episode fourteen of Grey’s Anatomy (Wishin’ And Hopin’). This critically acclaimed episode does not disappoint. Ellis Grey returns with a bang when she wakes up one morning completely luc

1×01 A Hard Day’s Night
September 19, 2018

Emily, Becca, and Lizzy discuss and analyze season one episode one of Grey’s Anatomy (A Hard Days Night). Join them as they review the episode that started it all! From Meredith and Derek’s first encounter, to Bailey’s intern speech, to