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The Surprising “Cow Catches Hare” Guide:  How I went from Unknown to getting my Music published in LA
March 21, 2023

“You never know how a cow catches a hare”, says a Dutch proverb. I don’t know if it originated because Dutch cows used to be highly intelligent carnivores with tool-making abilities, or just because the Dutch weed is so strong it comes with hallucinogenic

Never FREEZE under pressure again: Real Story of blanking in a Co-Write with a Hit Producer
March 06, 2023

In our most recent blog post about co-writing, living legend Ra Wilson laid out the basics for successful collaborations. Alas, I hadn’t read it back in 2019, when out of the blue, an opportunity fell in my lap.  An opportunity that would lead to a h

The Art of Collaborating on Music: How to stay creative, energised, and productive
January 27, 2023

Picture shows multiple people in a recording studio, collaborating on music and having fun (Art created by Dall-E 2). Nearly every song in the Billboard top 100 has 4+ writers credited. Sure, some credits go to so-called “token-writers”, who don’t contrib

Protected: Movement Patterns
May 14, 2021

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Adding Fancy Chords To Your Vocabulary | Music Theory Podcast (feat 12Tone)
November 24, 2017

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