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STRIKE for Love
July 17, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.      All aboard the Love Train, but don’t cross that picket line!  Strike against greed! Yes indeed. At this pivotal moment in Capitalocene history, many routinely exploited American workers in the WGA, SAG-AFT

Rumbling along Threads through the Bonobo Tunnel of Love
July 10, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.      Between Rightwing Rumble buying up our beloved Callin and META’s mega-“positive” (but not SEX-positive) Threads tying up our formerly beloved Twitter into Musky knots of nastiness, our little Love Train is almo

Freedom & Restraint
July 03, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block. We’re just a few fireworks, a six-pack and a hot dog away from America’s 247th birthday, engaging in a little 4th of July foreplay on the Love Train, flags waving and fireworks bursting as we roll, commemorating America’s “freedom” fro

A Midsummer Night’s Dreamy Speakeasy
June 26, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.    We’re speaking easy at the Speakeasy this Midsummer night, or as easy as we can speak, with corporate censorship silencing our dreams and messing with our minds, as we take on the affairs of the week. Here are some hi

Birthday Pride Party Show
June 19, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.      It’s my birthday—such a perilous time!—but I’m surrounded by old friends, new lovers, rainbows galore, condom balloons, sweet kisses, birthday-spankable asses, beautiful boobies, barking doggies and so many cak

Deep Inside “Deep Throat”
May 29, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.      Streaming through the Tunnel of Love, we go deep inside Deep Throat, one of the most ground-breaking, profitable and controversial American films ever made… which happened to be about blowjobs. Of course, Deep

Banned on Facebook… and IG!
May 22, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.     Four days after Facebook congratulated me on having so many followers that I needed two-step verification, I received a message that Lord Marky Z’s META fiefdom was shutting me down—and shutting me out—suddenly and “

Kinsey Defunding, Perma War Mega-Funding & the Power of Pleasure Monáe
May 15, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.     The esteemed Kinsey Institute, the world’s premiere sexuality research center, is being defunded, just as American Perma Wars—at home and abroad—are being super-funded. Apparently, there’s no cash for the sexology th

Coronation Masturbation, Ammosexual Incels, Universal Health Care & the Bonobo Way
May 08, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.      It’s the Month of Masturbation and a gaudy Coronation, but beware the Ammosexual Incels shooting up the nation! How about some Universal Health Care instead of all these Perma Wars and Company Stores?  And

Ecosexual Earth Day +Jelly Bean Sex Toys & Politix
April 24, 2023

by Dr. Susan Block.  Breathing in the fragrant flowers and trees, the birds and the bees—what’s left of them anyway, as scores of birds, bees and ancient flowering trees fall dead from toxic effects of the Capitalocene—our Love Train rolls through Ea