Wild World( Tamil )

Wild World( Tamil )

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Not Just A Week......
October 08, 2021

Here is a week to celebrate. Enjoy and transfer the same to everyone!

A Strange Rock - behind the blanket❄️
September 12, 2021

This Episode Visualizes the two Magical events that are visible in our skies. After listening this, you'll definitely thank this rock's blanket for giving an ever mesmerizing magic show

World Environment Day
June 05, 2021

It is Sad to see this rock in a critical condition which wants solace from us( We think so)

A Strange Rock - the Blanket of LIFe
May 31, 2021

let's show our gratitude towards the layer which created Life on the rock

A Strange Rock - From its Infancy
May 08, 2021

From a Nebula to this Gaia... (Greek name of Earth) Here are some astonishing facts of the Earth's Childhood..!!!

A Strange Rock - With its totally strange neighbours!!☀️
May 02, 2021

Do you know the neighbours of this rock who are not Welcoming like this fair Strange rock?

A Strange Rock - and WHY
May 01, 2021

Here are some FAQ'S I asked myself while thinking of this Universe and the BLUE PLANET inside it

A Strange ROCK
April 27, 2021

Meeting my mates after a long time with an intriguing tale of a rock.

PANGOLIN: A Wondrous Unknown being
June 07, 2020

Hi! this is my first podcast. I have made a little try to reach you all with a totally different hero of my story. Hope you all would feel it. Music credit: From the National Geographic documentary 'The tragic tale of Pangolin'. Language of the podcast: