Nayaswami Devi, Author at Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi

Nayaswami Devi, Author at Nayaswami Jyotish and Nayaswami Devi

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Why We Meditate
July 14, 2023

As a lifelong meditator, I love to hear people’s experiences of how meditation has helped them. Here are a few such stories which, taken together, show a broad spectrum of benefits that meditation can bring. Recently I was talking with a friend, the mothe

Awaiting the Unexpected
June 30, 2023

The spiritual path can sometimes seem like an endless struggle up a steep cliff, with little to show for our efforts along the way. But the ability to find the strength to keep going is what separates the dilettante devotee from the true seeker. Deep comm

All the World Is My Friend
June 16, 2023

We have two dear friends in Australia who are helping to lead Ananda’s growing work there. The man is a person with great openness of heart. When we spoke with them recently, his wife shared that when they’re in public, often a stranger will come up to hi

Whose Dream Is This?
June 02, 2023

A farmer was standing completely still amidst the wind-blown wheat in his field, deep in thought. His wife came rushing up, beside herself with grief, crying that their only son had just been killed by a cobra. When her husband made no reply, she blurted

Happy Birthday, Swamiji!
May 19, 2023

As I write this blog, it’s a few days before the anniversary of Swami Kriyananda’s birth—May 19, 1926. To honor his life, I felt to write him a personal letter of appreciation (that I’m sharing with you as well). Dear Swamiji, It’s hard to believe that te

It’s Time to Simplify
May 05, 2023

“How can we prepare ourselves for a future that looks so uncertain?” This question was asked during a recent satsang we had with Ananda’s online Virtual Community, and it seemed an important one to discuss. Swami Kriyananda gave a series of talks which he

Stranger in a Strange Land
April 21, 2023

A few weeks ago Jyotish and I led the Astral Ascension Ceremony for a dear friend, Judy Fox, who passed away recently. Judy was part of a small team, as were we, that Swami Kriyananda sent to Italy in the early 1980s to help start Ananda’s work there. We

How Can I Best Help Them?
April 07, 2023

Recently a friend wrote asking: “How can I help family members who are going through a difficult time, or have a sour relationship with one another, without being affected by the situation personally? How does one know when to intervene and support, and w

Finding God in the Big City
March 24, 2023

Twenty million people! That’s the population of the Greater Los Angeles area, we were told recently when we visited friends and Ananda centers there. For one of our satsangs, in Torrance, the center leader asked us to talk about how to find spirituality i

The Power of Memory
March 10, 2023

“Many have been My births, O Arjuna, and many also yours. I remember all of Mine, though you remember yours not.” These words from Sri Krishna to his disciple in the Bhagavad Gita show a divine memory of the soul’s eternal nature. Memory, in its highest e