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Just one week away….
October 24, 2022

Hello All FCCFREE RADIO Fans, - Myself and a handfull of your favorite programs will be back VERY soon. Thats right starting Monday 31st of October @6:PM Halloween The John Miller Program will be LIVE

21 days to go, till we flip the switch!!!
October 10, 2022

As I keep repairing the website I keep coming across great history like the stations 7th Birthday at the Tonic Bar and gave all the tips to Muttville Dog Rescue, but we had Dennis T. Brown from the 49ers bartended along with my co-host Ashly Russell. You

Coming Soon to a Computer near you!!!
October 06, 2022

    The station is coming back alive just in time for Halloween, Thats right FFR will be back on the Air on October 31. Let’s see who broadcast on the first day? The John Miller Program will be there along with one of the leading podcasts

Lilycat on stuff – time to hire the hitman
February 28, 2021

Hello KittensCelebrating the full moon last night we will wash ourselves clean and get rid of things we want to no longer have in our lives. So, will have room to bring in the things we want, It is to

What’s Really Happening? 02/28/21#194
February 28, 2021

It's your Sunday celebrity Luke "Walgreens" Sauer http://instagram.com/el_walgreens , Totally joking here ha. I've got the owners of Dubb Fitness Lodi in studio Mr Dubb Fitness Larry Williams Jr and M

Radio Ha Ha with comedians Danny Dechi and Rebecca Ward!
February 25, 2021

Radio Ha Ha Worldwide Podcast with hosts Danny Dechi & Rebecca Ward, plus funny music from Dr. Demento, Weird Al, and more! Listen live or any time. Keeping you entertained during your commute, or wha

Happy Hour With DJ Loot – 2/24/21 – Ice Dogg
February 24, 2021

Welcome to HAPPY HOUR WITH DJ LOOT!!!   Join everyone's favorite music-producer, DJ Loot, live from the World-Famous STUDIO 2B, as he plays lots of INDEPENDENT MUSIC spanning MULTIPLE GENRES, and more

KYUSS WORLD RADIO #50 – CHRIS GOSS – WELCOME TO SKY VALLEY turns 25 !! – (6.30.2019) – 2.21.21
February 21, 2021

KYUSS WORLD RADIO IS BACK !!! here is another installment in our KWR re-issue series – KYUSS WORLD RADIO #50 –with PRODUCER CHRIS GOSS !!! ... back in 2019 we celebrated WELCOME TO SKY VALLEY turning

What’s Really Happening? 02/21/21 #193
February 21, 2021

Got hit by a 2 by four and now the shows back on until I get hit by one permanently. Supermodel/Cannabis Cultivator/ Author/ and music Artist Emily Bowles will be in studio http://instagram.com/emilys

Lilycat on Stuff – And the beat goes on
February 21, 2021

Hi kittensThis Sunday we will have a bunch of uncomfortable truths and play some music and rant. So, listen in and dance and yell and scream and laugh.Lilycat on Stuff12-2PM PSTStudio 1-A