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4D Music – ExperiMental Music

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Sweat It Out
July 15, 2023

LYRICS Oh, Baby Can’t you see It’s not the heat It’s the humidity (Likely both to some degree) Need to cool down Find out how to dry things out Drowning in drought Bound… … to cool things down Saturation seeks evaporation Got

Stay Alive
July 10, 2023

LYRICS 1.5 is in the rear-view Stay alive Is there anything I can do? (Yes!) Try to stay alive ’cause to hope n’ pray Ain’t the way Cowboy, oh boy You can’t hide Get on your horse and ride Hot damn! Your bit has hit the fan Try to

The Sincerity of Gravity
July 09, 2023

LYRICS Somersaults in the air Falling without care As if not there Under the spell I fell The sincerity of gravity It’s all around Don’t let it get you down Down, down, down The severity of gravity It’s all around Don’t let it get

Center of Gravity (Pushing Buttons)
July 09, 2023

LYRICS What does the center of gravity Have to do with my belly You push my button How novel the navel How low or how high Swim as if fins Or run like I fly Let’s push our buttons Equilibrium glutton Push the button But out Butt in Pushin’ but

The Chicken Has Crossed the Road
July 08, 2023

LYRICS The bottom’s the floor The exit’s the door These rules apply no more Turned upside-down Is going around The chicken has crossed the road Why? Nobody knows (Carry the load… Anyway the wind blows) Some days you see the sun Night giv

Over the Sunset
July 07, 2023

LYRICS Over the sunset Under the clouds The last ray of the day Makes it my way With a shine so fine I’m golden Loving the time I’m holdin’ Lover of “not yet” Wonder out-loud Grasp the last ray Coming this way With a shine so

To Cause a Change (Theme Song)
July 03, 2023

LYRICS I heard you ranting I heard you rave Does it leave you wanting To go out and save Hey! How about now We make a change anyhow? Or will the will stand still Will it? Will it! I heard you screaming I heard you shout Does it have meaning What’s i

Weather Wars
June 27, 2023

LYRICSWhile the herd is aimlessly grazing What I’ve heard is hair-raising All the cows lay with a storm on the way No not me Seek shelter out of harm’s way Grab your lover And run for cover Weather war Is dishing out more Fore sure It’s

Thunder and Lightning
June 26, 2023

LYRICS Upon first sighting Of the lightning No need to wonder Of the thunder The sound is found It’ll come around Takes ‘er a while ’bout five seconds for a mile Count your drive to stay alive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Thunder or lightning Which is

June 25, 2023

LYRICS Cumulonimbus can kiss this Another storm warning Maybe it will be a near miss Clear skies by morning? Starting to get what they mean When they say weather’s extreme In the middle of broad daylight Sky turned black as night Never knew a wind t