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More than just a vet - Veterinary Life Journeys

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Redrawing the world with Nia Weinzweig: A Welsh in New Zealand.
August 17, 2022

Nia is the latest #MTJAV guest. After feeling disappointed by her first job in the industry, she started to travel around the world and ended up in New Zealand. Her amazing life story goes through Japan, Nepal, and Stewart Island. But we will also talk ab

Diversifying into Robotics with Miranda Abrahams. An American in Germany
June 22, 2022

After qualifying in the US and working in equine practice for a few years, Miranda moved to Germany and joined a company where she diversified into robotics! Despite the life-changing move, she hasn't lost her 'veterinary' identity.Miranda’

Why is there a shortage of Vets? With Daniella Dos Santos
May 30, 2022

In this special episode, I talked to Daniella Dos Santos, one of the most well-known people in the British veterinary industry, about why there's a vet shortage.We discuss the why. But we also provide evidence for those who choose not to believe it.

Life Adventure to the UAE with Sarah Ramsey in Dubai
May 05, 2022

Would you take the plunge and commit your family to another country in the Middle East? Sarah tells me about all the weird and wonderful changes in her new life. From recent progress in society in the UAE to different cultural approaches in one of the fir

Puppy Farming and OOH Disasters with UK RVN Abby Wharton
April 16, 2022

Planning to make a quick buck by selling pups? Fancy getting your latest trendy cross breed cocker-labra-pug-doodle bitch pregnant? Think again. Abby tells us about just *some* of the things that can go wrong in the 'puppy trade'. These poor ani

Carriacou Animal Hospital with Nadine Cerny, a Swiss in Grenada
April 04, 2022

Dead animals at Zurich University weren't going to deter Nadine from becoming a vet when she was only a tween. If anything, it encouraged her more. But after a few turns in her career, she wanted to go back to the roots of veterinary medicine. Welcom

Resolving Conflict and Staff Burnout with Emily Shiver, Florida USA
March 21, 2022

Emily's blogpost page in More than just a vet websiteEmily’s career as a practice manager shows her dedication and love for the veterinary profession. She puts her heart into it when she talks about important issues such as team building and burnout:

How to Help the Ukrainian Frontline with Nina Babchuk
March 07, 2022

More about this episode on Nina is a British veterinary surgeon with Ukrainian roots. Her grandparents were victims of  WWII as forced labour and eventually made it to the UK. However, most of her extended family remains in Ukr

Disease Surveillance, Animal Welfare, and Pet Owner Education with Maurice Frank from Trinidad and Tobago
February 20, 2022

More about this episode attended the University of West Indies to become a vet and now works in disease surveillance in Trinidad. He explains the socioeconomic situation that leads to animal poaching from Venezuela and

Pharmacology, koalas and Coronavirus with Merran Govendir from Australia
February 07, 2022

Merran is a veterinary pharmacologist who works in Australia. Merran talks about how her parents moved from the UK to Australia, and how her journey took her from being a veterinary surgeon to becoming a professor of Veterinary pharmacology at the Univers