The Dragon House

The Dragon House

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Tales of Aether: Through the Looking Glass Episode 34
July 15, 2023

Now with 100% more Addendum.

Tales of Aether: FADE Episode 34
July 15, 2023

The Arcane Blades are split. Charsea and Autumn receive help from a mysterious Leonin named Fade and travel east. Meanwhile, Glass and Apsalar have arrived at Scryfall's headquarters and are immediate

Tales of Aether: Session Zero - FADE - Episode 33-B
July 15, 2023

In the days leading up to the events on Isra'il, a Leonin named Fade and their Tiefling Companion Excellence follow the trail of mysterious travelers called the Arcane Blades whose path seems to be th

Tales of Aether : Through the Looking Glass Episode 33
July 12, 2023


Tales of Aether : DISRESPECT Episode 33
July 12, 2023

At the peak of Izra'il, the shadow of the Deadward falls upon the final steps to the monastery.

Tales of Aether : A Pact in the Storm Episode 32
July 06, 2023

The Arcane Blades continue their hike up the mountain and incur terrible weather as they enter the Winter Witch's territory. A sudden Blizzard forces them to take shelter in a gem studded cave where

Tales of Aether: Reflections in Glass Episode 31
June 21, 2023

What is a life? Am I alive? What happens when I die? What would you do when the opportunity to even consider such existential questions is snuffed out? When the Arcane Blades cross paths with more cre