Mandy Lehto

Mandy Lehto

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Introducing: Enough, the Podcast
May 01, 2021

Hi (*waves frantically*). I’m Dr Mandy Lehto, a personal coach and recovering overachiever. I made this podcast because I (literally) got sick of feeling like I constantly needed to hustle for my wort

MoxieCast 46: Shifting Sucky Beliefs, with David Taylor-Klaus
January 19, 2021

This is the final episode of MoxieCast! (sniff, sniff). I’m closing out this series of nourishing, soulful conversations with David Taylor-Klaus, coach and author of Mindset Mondays: 52 Ways to REWIRE

MoxieCast 038: How not to fear failure, with Dr Erin Baker
November 13, 2019

Today’s guest craves failure (not chocolate like the rest of us). Most people will run a mile to avoid failing and looking bad, lest folks point and laugh. Not Dr. Erin Baker. She’s a leadership coach