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#5 - POV From Krispyyy: Poolside Cuba Libre
June 11, 2022

This mixtape was made and hosted by @kryspykeith from @himatepar. The tune he chose was perfect for warm summer. Some of the songs he chose are from Funky Bounce Wave Vol.1 by Calvin Harris, which is also rumored to be releasing Vol.2 this month. Himatepa

#4 - POV From Orei: ROUGE
July 10, 2021

POV: You’re a hopeless romantic and you have no other wish other than to dance with your loved one bathed in warm candlelight, feeling the summer night breeze, in a loose tux or flowing red dress. Orei told us that she either doesn't believe in love or is

February 17, 2021

In this episode we talk about Modeling Industry with Gabrielle (@gccaw) from Gabrielle says: "Modeling is a REAL job so don't take it for granted, it takes commitment and discipline too". We also talked about why fashion brands in Indone

#3 - POV From MKH: Look at us we're in love
February 14, 2021

POV: "You’re in a relationship with your partner, you really love and trust her and she does so with you. Sometimes we just don't know there is any life other than our love life.. haha jk". Happy Valentine's Day, i wish you all loved! <3 --- Send in

#2 - POV From Rizkikepo: JAPONICA
January 25, 2021

Rizkikepo: "I want to share this mixtape in hopes of introducing japanese music that i've been listening since forever to some new ears. Thats why i put in various genre on the list". --- Send in a voice message:

#1 - POV From Ped: Sum Up 2020
January 05, 2021

This mixtape is representative of all moods throughout the year; from math-noise band Blackmidi to 90s RnB group 702. Ped is a of electrical engineering student slash music gear geeks slash dank meme enthusiast who spent most of his time on the internet.

January 21, 2020

Thrift shoping does not mean we can’t afford the new clothes, however, thrift shopping has developed into a culture that helps reduce garment waste, don't you agree? Follow us on Instagram: @Laboratory428 --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters