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Big Story Podcast: The Race Gap – Asian Americans
June 23, 2023

In this Big Story podcast, we travel to San Francisco to report on the increasing number of attacks on Asian Americans and explore the roots of this racism.

Big Story Podcast: The Race Gap – African Americans
June 23, 2023

Many black students in New York City are still feeling the effects of discrimination. On this Big Story podcast, we hear some of their stories.

Big Story Podcast: The Red Line
June 23, 2023

St. Louis, Missouri has become a hub of violence where the lines of segregation are still firmly in place.

Big Story Podcast: Abandoned – Afghanistan after the U.S. Occupation
June 23, 2023

On this Big Story podcast, we take a drive along the Ring Road in Afghanistan. With the U.S. forces gone, the battered roadway now illustrates the struggles and heartbreak of a war-weary nation.

Big Story Podcast: Remembering Sandy Hook
June 23, 2023

Big Story launches its podcast series with ‘Unbearable – Sandy Hook 10 years later’, an examination of the elementary school shooting that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults. The shooting sent shockwaves across the country.

Peruvian Cuisine In The Spotlight
June 22, 2023

Correspondent Dan Collyns has been reporting how Peruvians have managed to master the art of combining highland Andean products like local potatoes with seafood from the Pacific Ocean.  

Migrants Risking Death To Cross The Border
June 14, 2023

The US-Mexico border has long been an area of treacherous terrain. And with the number of migrants trying to illegally cross into the US increasing, the number of migrant deaths has risen as well. Since 2020, migrants have been choosing more dangerous rou

Americas Now: Illegal mining in South America
June 07, 2023

Illegal mining is a big problem in South America. Thousands of small-time miners are digging up and destroying parts of the Amazon in different countries. The police and the army seem to be a step behind as the miners keep operating. Correspondent-Produce

Americas Now: The Female Pioneers of Colombia’s Vallenato Music
May 31, 2023

Vallenato is likely Colombia’s most popular musical genre and part of the country’s identity. Played with an accordion, it’s a combination of African, Indigenous and European sounds. Traditionally, the genre has been dominated by ma

Americas Now: Inside Colombia’s largest drug cartel
May 24, 2023

Colombia is the world’s largest cocaine producer and the cultivation of coca plants, the main ingredient of the drug, is increasing. Elaine Reyes talks to correspondent Toby Muse, who recently reported on the Gulf Clan, the leading drug cartel in Co