Latest Episodes

Deep Night Season 14: Slippery Ghosts
June 16, 2022

Dale receives new data, but can’t make any sense of it in this solo episode. Bringing an end to the latest season, Dale considers all the wisdom of his guests and tries to apply it to his current situ

Deep Night Season 14: Holland Andrews
June 02, 2022

Dale aligns his vibrations to a cosmic frequency this week when he’s joined by vocalist, composer, and performer Holland Andrews. Supremely moved by their work, Dale asks Holland about their creative

Deep Night Season 14: Helen Hong
May 26, 2022

Dale begins furiously scribbling in his manifestation journal after this wide-ranging conversation with comedian, actress, and aspiring Starfleet cadet, Helen Hong. Dale asks Helen about her determine

Deep Night Season 14: Janet Varney
May 19, 2022

Dale decides he has one too many collector’s items on his online auction wishlist, so he puts in a call to actor, comedian, and voice over talent Janet Varney, for a little advice in dealing with stuf

Deep Night Season 14: Rebecca Soffer
May 12, 2022

Dale senses he should be happy now that it’s sunny and springtime out, but he can’t quite shake the creeping sadness that comes with grief. Good thing he’s sitting down this week with someone who know

Deep Night Season 14: Gianmarco Soresi
May 05, 2022

Dale considers a gritty reboot in order to navigate the new, edgier post-pandemic New York City. His first step is a conversation with stand-up comedian and actor Gianmarco Soresi, who has been workin

Deep Night Season 14: M.K. Komins
April 28, 2022

Dale becomes very vulnerable whenever he takes allergy medicine and he must have grabbed a handful right before this week’s conversation featuring Dale and his guest, Philadelphia-based painter and il

Deep Night Season 14: Tarik Davis
April 21, 2022

Dale activates some underutilized portions of his mind during this conversation with actor, improviser, musical talent and all around joy bringer, Tarik Davis. Dale talks with Tarik about honing his c

Deep Night Season 14: Lucas Nathan
April 14, 2022

Dale places a wake up call to Los Angeles based musical impresario Lucas Nathan. Widely known for their work under the name Jerry Paper, Lucas’s brand new album Free Time is out everywhere April 15th.

Deep Night Season 14: Maud Newton
April 07, 2022

Dale contemplates the present moment by looking into the past with guest Maud Newton, author of Ancestor Trouble: A Reckoning and a Reconciliation. Maud writes with clarity and purpose about her compl