Ad To The Bone - The Digital Advertising, AdTech & Programmatic Advertising Podcast

Ad To The Bone - The Digital Advertising, AdTech & Programmatic Advertising Podcast

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26 - Programmatic Advertising in Email | Jason Oates
November 22, 2022

Programmatic email advertising is one of the cleanest and most noise-free online ad placements available to advertisers. We wanted to learn more about it and discover if there is a programmatic approach to it. That's why we've invited Jason Oate

25 - The Future of Web Analytics in regards to Privacy Compliance | Michael Kornobis
November 15, 2022

Today we have another special episode for you. We invited our second strategic partner, fusedeck, to discuss web analytics's current status and future. Privacy legislation, privacy by design, session- vs. user-tracking, and late consent are just some

24 - Empowering Marketing Teams to be Data Independent | Antonia Hölke
November 08, 2022

Today we have a special episode for you. We invited our new strategic partner, Funnel, to discuss the importance of empowering marketing teams so that they can independently use and manage their data.Marketing and advertising platforms have more than doub

23 - Account-Based Marketing: The What, Why, and How. | Tenisha Griggs
October 31, 2022

Recently we've heard a lot about account-based marketing, and that's why we finally decided to try and understand it better and seek ABM marketing in AdTech.In this episode, we hosted Tenisha Griggs, VP, and Head of Global Media, at Terminus. Te

22 - The reinvention of Direct Mailing via programmatic advertising | Jacob Ross
October 25, 2022

We are very excited to share with you today one of the most interesting episodes we have recorded so far.Sometimes, traditional marketing techniques considered outdated can be a valuable addition to your marketing mix. And this is precisely the case with

21 - Ad fraud and the importance of ad quality in digital marketing | Yuval Shiboli
October 18, 2022

Episode 18 with Dr. Fou and the topic of fraud in the digital marketing world from the point of view of advertisers struck a nerve with you, our listeners. That's why we decided to dig deeper into this topic - this time from a publisher's point

20 - IndieAd Talks: The challenges of Meta Advertising in the privacy-era | Yoav Segal
October 10, 2022

#IndieadTalks with our Head of PPC Services, Yoav Segal. In today's episode, we leave the programmatic side of online marketing and shift our focus to pay-per-click campaigns, more precisely, Meta (Facebook & Instagram) advertising. We discussed

19 - Programmatic mobile advertising in the gaming industry | Pau Quevedo
October 03, 2022

Today's episode continues episode 17's topic of mobile DSPs, this time focusing on the technical side and the gaming industry.To dive deeply into these topics, we were joined by Pau Quevedo - VP of Product Performance and Growth - of Smadex, a m

18 - Fraud in the Digital Marketing World - Problems & Loopholes I Dr. Augustine Fou
September 26, 2022

Fraud in the digital marketing and programmatic advertising environment is growing exponentially;  Where is it coming from, and what can we do to avoid placing ads on fraudulent websites and apps? Spoiler alert: not by using your default vendor for fraud

17 - Programmatic Mobile Advertising - The Value of In-App Inventory | Tim Koschella
September 20, 2022

Tim Koschella has been an AdTech entrepreneur for the past 10 years. His current company Kayzen is a unique DSP that offers programmatic mobile advertising solutions in in-app inventory.During this conversation, we learned which advertisers find a high va