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Episode #8 David Nance
June 28, 2021

This episode was recorded near the beginning of May with my dear friend David Nance. David lives in Omaha NE, he is a prolific musician, with many amazing releases under his belt. I’ve been lucky enough to have crossed paths over and over in both of our h

Episode #7 - Teton
April 20, 2021

Episode #7 with Teton! Beyond their amazing musicianship, they both have rich visual art practices as well. Listen to the episode for the inside scoop ;) Check out their latest record here along with the book they made in conjunction to the album.https://

Episode #6 - Clay Camero
February 25, 2021

Episode #6! Clay Camero interview recorded in early January 2021. Check out more of their music and all projects at

Episode #5 Behavior
January 25, 2021

Behavior interview recorded on 12/26/20 with Bedros Yeretzian, Evan Burrows, Justin Tenney and Robert Cody. Check out their latest album "Spirits and Embellishments" on Post Present Medium and more coming soon!

Episode #4 Jayson Gerycz & Ben Kudler
January 05, 2021

Kudler/Gerycz are Ben Kudler (Luminous All Kudler) and Jayson Gerycz (Cloud Nothings, Bending Spirit Unifactor tapes), respectively residing in Brooklyn, NY and Cleveland, OH.Dove Cove Tape - Tapes - 

Episode #2 Kayla Cohen - Itasca
December 12, 2020

Without binding itself to an era, I find Kayla Cohen's project, Itasca, existing in a place: blooming as a wash in the desert heat, unwavering and unyielding to the elements, thriving in the hills of East Los Angeles or a New Mexico winter, standing