Capricious Capricorn: The Podcast

Capricious Capricorn: The Podcast

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Episode 8: “Black Women and Hair Insecurities” (Freestyle Episode)
April 15, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel, this episode is a little more of a freestyle edition to the podcast. I hope you all enjoy it! xoxo

Episode 7: “Unlocking Personal Potential & How to Use It”
April 14, 2021

Hello again! I apologize if I sound a little different this week, I have a sore throat but I still wanted to give you all something this week. Thank you for your continued support for this podcast! Next episode I’ll be back and better than ever. xoxo

Episode 6: “Creating Healthy Boundaries”
April 01, 2021

Thank you all for your continued support! I hope you enjoy this weeks episode.

Episode 4: “Establishing Roles in a Relationship”
March 12, 2021

Thank you all for your continued listening on this podcast! I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode and stay tuned for more.

Episode 2: Relationship “Do’s and Don’ts”
February 22, 2021

Hello everyone! In this episode, I’ll being giving some tips on relationships. Hopefully you find some of these tips beneficial to you!

The Capricious Capricorn Introduction
February 12, 2021

Please join me on this journey of self discovery, relearning and adapting to our current society and how to upgrade your entire lifestyle.