The Auction House

The Auction House

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How To Make Gold With Alchemy & Enchanting
July 18, 2021

The first week of the world's first race, and yes, there are some major gold-making opportunities like Alchemy & Enchanting. We have news about the rank 6 legendaries, and the Brutosaur auction house mount can now be found in a Black Market Auction Ho

Korthite Crystals & Legendary Rank 5 & 6 Gold Making
July 10, 2021

Finally, you don't have to listen to Jack but listen to Manthieus instead as the co-host of this episode. We will look at the Korthite Crystal and Legendaries rank 5 & 6 markets because gold-making opportunities are jumping out of the ground like mush

Gold Making With Darkshore Capital
July 03, 2021

Finally, Shadowlands 9.1 has been released. We will be talking about that and the Korthite Crystal. We have Darkshore Capital on the podcast as our fast. So enough to talk about in this episode, so enjoy the show and don't forget to check out our website

Last Minute Shadowlands 9.1 Gold Making!
June 26, 2021

Shadowlands 9.1 is just around the corner, but what to do? In this episode, we will bring you up-to-date with the last-minute changes, things you want to do before Shadowlands 9.1 comes out, and what to expect when it gets released. We also have Girty bac

TSM 4.11 With Lead Developer Sapu
June 22, 2021

We have a great bonus episode for you! The lead developer of one of the biggest World of Warcraft add-ons, TradeSkillMaster, is on our show, and that is Sapu. We will talk with Sapu about the history of TradeSkillMaster, 4.11, upcoming things, and answeri

Gold Making With Dirtyirby and his 166 Million Gold
June 19, 2021

Do we have a great episode for you! We have a new huge gold maker called 'Dirtyirby' that made 145 million gold in 8 months on the show, but we have some great things to discuss for the upcoming Shadowlands patch 9.1. So pomp up the volume, clear your min

A Gold Making Interview With Penguinr2gt
June 12, 2021

In this smelly new episode, we have Penguinr2gt as our guest. We will be asking her about the rice in the mouse story, her TradeSkillMakster profiles "Boom," and "Bla." We also have some questions about her gold-making ways in World of Warcraft. We also t

Shadowlands 9.1 Crafting & Legendary Talk
June 05, 2021

The Burning Crusade classic just got released, the token prices went up, info on flying in Shadowlands 9.1, and Zanzarful went on scouting camp selling cookies to older men. Luckily I found myself a temporarily new co-host, and that is Manthieus. We are g

TBC Gold Making With Studen Albatroz
May 29, 2021

Just a few more days till The Burning Crusade classic comes out, so it's a good moment to prepare, and that is why we invited Studen Albatroz back to the podcast. Subjects will be mostly TBC-related but also a retail part. What add-ons, what to farm durin

Gold Making With: Beginning Level Gold Makers
May 22, 2021

We are now over 10.000 plays on our World of Warcraft gold making podcast, so thank you all for helping to achieve this. In episode 20, we will help two beginning-level gold makers get into the gold-making mindset and show them the ropes. We also have new