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Space exploration: how to set base on the Moon
November 06, 2021

Aidan Cowley, Science Advisor at the European Space Agency on Starship, ISRU, Space Resources, ESA, Life, Consciousness and more.

Intelligence, the Nobel Prize, Cryo Electron Microscopy, Consciousness, Money and God -Joachim Frank
March 14, 2021

00:00 Intro01:02 Combatting Pandemics with CryoEM10:35 Teamgame Science13:44 Cryo-EM19:04 the Ribosome23:20 the Concept and Code33:15 Academia vs Industry34:33 Cryo-EM saving lives37:35 Cryopreservation39:10 the Nobel Prize43:05 Intelligence49:00 Money in

Life in the Galaxy, Quantum Gravity, Space Exploration, Synchrotron, Consciousness - Dr. Metin Tolan
March 05, 2021

00:00 Intro00:35 Jesus Christ Lizard01:45 Synchrotron research06:00 Life on other planets12:00 Enceladus and Europa18:50 Origins of Life25:22 Longevity31:10 Materialism, consciousness37:20 Cosmology41:45 Dark stuff43:16 Quantum Gravity49:35 Quantum consci

Walter Krämer - Euro, EU, gendering, Pareto, corona, investment, stock market bubble, statistics
February 16, 2021

Author of 45 books and Defender of the German language, Prof. Dr. Walter Krämer is an expert in business- and social statistics.

Time travel for 30 euros a month - Emil Kendziorra
February 15, 2021

Cryopreservation, life-extension, longevity. Don't be so sure you HAVE to die. Emil Kendziorra, Co-founder of Tomorrow Biostasis teaches us about what's possible today.