Power Hour on MNTC Radio

Power Hour on MNTC Radio

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iHeartRadio Featured Story - Elevated TasteBudz
April 21, 2023

The CEO of Elevated Tastebudz comes through to talk to us about her unique infused foods and her event coming up with the Minnesota Expo. It's MNTC Radio!

Power Hour on MNTC Radio
December 31, 2022

Mr. Music is back bringing you indie music heat! Today's show includes new music from YungCali Blow , W1nter, Deadrick, and more! You know what this is! Its MNTC RADIO. Connect with Mr. Music via Fa

iHeartRADIO featured Interview: Airospace
December 10, 2022

Fresh fro London with his new project and major event Airospace is back again with Mr. Music to speak about the collection of moves with music and art he is making that is also bringing people togethe

Indie Artist Spotlight: W!NTER
December 10, 2022

W1NTER comes on to speak with us about his new debut singles and the hardships of being a new indie artist. Stay Tuned ..Its MNTC Radio!

Haitian Community Of MN
November 16, 2022

The founder of the Haitian Community of MN , Rose Gbadamassi speaks to Mr. Music about her passion of being a resourceful and inspirational supporter to her native country of Haiti, and her organizati