Bag Full O' Beans

Bag Full O' Beans

Latest Episodes

Our Fictional Role Models
May 08, 2021

This week Dri and Piril talk about the characters in film, tv, and books that influenced the people they are today. Joining them to talk about their fictional role models are Sho and Stefan. 

Our Instinct to Care
May 01, 2021

Join Dri and Piril as they discuss the innate instinct and responsibility they feel to take care of their loved ones. This week, joining them in discussion, is Jon!

Our Relationship to Religion
April 17, 2021

This week Dri and Piril take a deep dive into what religion means to them and where they stand in terms of it. Joining them in this discussion are Kenda, Stefan, Zac, and Ethan.

The Tail of the Kittynap
April 10, 2021

Join Dri, Piril, and Sho as they share the funny, weird, and stressful aspects of caring for 3 stray kittens: Ozzy, Doc, and Rorschach (aka Findik).

Grown, But Still Growing
April 03, 2021

Join Dri and Piril as they discuss how they grew up and how they're still growing. Join as they talk about their puberty stories and get into the different perspectives of maturity. This week they are joined by Stefan, Ethan, and Gabo. 

March 27, 2021

In this episode join Dri and Piril as they discuss what hair means in our society and what hair means to us. This week they're joined by Sho, Zac, Sam, and Evan. 

March 20, 2021

Join Dri and Piril as they talk about all things stress: how they manage it or really, how they don't. This week they're joined by Jon and Kenda. 

Cancel Culture
March 06, 2021

Join Dri and Piril as they discuss the ins and outs of cancel culture. Is it a mob or is the court of the people? This week they're joined by Gabo and Stefan.

Pt. 2: The Impending Doom: Life After College
February 27, 2021

Dri and Piril revisit the conversation about life after college. How to make a living is definitely a concern but what about your social life? Will you be able to keep the friends you made in college? Where do you even meet people? Join them as they discu

Late Night Chat with Piril and Dri
February 22, 2021

Join your two co-hosts as they have a relaxed, late-night chat. Through a variety of questions, Piril and Adriana get to know each other and themselves a little bit better.