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objektkalas #ObjektChallenge
June 25, 2023

all sounds made using Objekt physical modeling sy…

dawn winery (pulu's 8-bit crystalfly dance remix)
April 27, 2022

my entry to the HoYoverse YoMusic competition, a …

Kenji Azuma × Sami Elu - Hoon Fairy (pulu's shooting star remix)
February 03, 2022

out now on bandcamp! https://pulu.bandcamp.com/t…

live at Tidal Club Presents: The Longest Night (2021-12-22)
January 21, 2022

i played some granular fm radio noises and algori…

April 03, 2021

i wrote this for a game boy music workshop i taug…

the joy of configuring the system
April 03, 2021

from the album "numbers game" - a sequence of neu…

Extempore 2016-04-27
April 26, 2016

First attempt at performing something with Volca …