This Podcast Is Dead!

This Podcast Is Dead!

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This Podcast Is Dead! - Episode 27: Footloose Holocaust
April 13, 2021

This episode I discuss the grindhouse film that almost was, the anarchy of Hanson and the end of Twin Peaks

This Podcast Is Dead! - Episode 26: The Korn Episode
April 03, 2021

Korn has been a staple meme on this podcast but have you ever wondered what the guys REALLY think about Korn and their music? The age old question finally gets answered in this new episode! The guys take a deeper dive into the band and their first six alb

This Podcast Is Dead! - Episode 25: The Return of the Living Dead Boys
February 27, 2021

After a long 3 month hiatus, the Dead Boys are finally back with a brand new episode! Its been a hot minute since the guys got together so this episode is really just about catching up, talking about things that happened in the past couple months leading

This Podcast Is Dead! - Episode 1: In The Beginning...
March 29, 2020

Pokemon cards, dick germs and reliving old times. Come hang with us and get to know a little bit about how we met! Timestamps will be available soon! WARNING! Audio is a bit out of sync so I apologize if there's any issues. Its our first episode, cut us