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Doomsday Dawn 6.3: I’m Sensing Some BS Coming From the Graveyard
July 17, 2023

Waves 5 and 6 of the hilltop battle, as the ancient high priestess intensifies her assault on the temple. Apologies for some messier audio in this, I had to make a lot of cuts as one of our players was sick. Download

Doomsday Dawn 6.2: Let’s Vrock
June 25, 2023

The hilltop battle for the ruined temple of Sarenrae starts to escalate with more waves of enemies, and our heroes begin to realize what kind of predicament they’re in. Download

Doomsday Dawn 6.1: Heroes of Undarin
June 06, 2023

Chapter 6: It’s here – the infamous TPK chapter. A party of high-level demon slayers is sent into the as-yet unsealed Worldwound to escort a group of Esoteric Order agents to an ancient temple. They will be asked to give their all to this miss

Doomsday Dawn 5.5: The Last Theorem
April 12, 2023

[Go to 16:23 to skip intro banter.] The resolution of Necerion, Whark’s poker game, and the rest of the plots and schemes at the gala. Will our pirate PCs ever know the part they have played in saving the world from the Doomsday Dawn? Download

Doomsday Dawn 5.4: You’re Being Robbed But It’s Not Us
April 09, 2023

As Xig follows a suspicious pirate to the “back area”, all hell breaks loose in Whark’s fortress. Download

Doomsday Dawn 5.3: Casino Royale
April 06, 2023

Our pirates secure some alabaster tokens and the highest-stakes poker game in the Shackles begins. Also, I say “the flop” like 7 times when I mean “the river”. Download

Doomsday Dawn 5.2: Gambler’s Key
March 24, 2023

Our pirate party arrives at Whark’s high-stakes gala, meets a myriad of new faces, and begins to scope out the event in search of Necerion. Download

Doomsday Dawn 5.1: Red Flags
March 09, 2023

Chapter 5: The pirates from Plunder & Peril are back! Assigned a special mission by an important patron, they must infiltrate Free Captain Whark’s expensive gala and find out what a dangerous cultist from Osirion is doing here. Phazius – X

Doomsday Dawn 4.5: Coda
March 03, 2023

What will our heroes find under Ramlock’s Tower? A quick conclusion to Chapter 4, before we launch into the pirate chapter! Download

Doomsday Dawn 4.4: Dawn
February 14, 2023

On the shores of the Moonmere, our heroes’ forces crash against the Night Heralds. Download