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East Coast Trades Podcast

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#5- Kacie Pisani with Fridays On Green
May 09, 2021

On this episode we had a blast catching up with Kacie Pisani! Kacie has decided to take on the passion of starting her own podcast, “Friday’s On Green” to help bring a new perspective to her audience, review life experiences & lessons and to have the oppo

#4-Mike Panetta with M. Panetta Plumbing and HVAC Services
February 07, 2021

This episode we sat down with Mike Panetta co-owner of M. Panetta Plumbing and HVAC Services. Mike is a third generation plumber who helps run the day to day operations at the business his grandfather created from the ground up. In this episode Mike touch

#3- Dave Maloney with Movement & Mobilizations
January 22, 2021

Dave Maloney is a Human & Sports Performance Coach at the business of Movement & Mobilizations. In addition, Dave is the founder and owner of Movement & Mobilizations. Dave's company's mission is to optimize each client’s performance by maximizing their f

#2 - Nick Rehrig with Krieg and Sieg
January 09, 2021

This episode we had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Rehrig owner of Krieg and Sieg and founder of Cherry Hill Tattoo Expo. Krieg and Sieg is a jewelry and apparel company that provides their services nationwide. They have a great selection of produc

#1 - How It All Began For GP LLC
December 15, 2020

Our first episode is about the importance of social platforms for all businesses, especially for the businesses that operate in the trades industry. In addition, we go into detail of how Gugel Painting LLC was originated and what it's like to work for Gug