Latest Episodes

Episode 29 - For You
June 15, 2023

All houses tell stories. But sometimes they tell stories we don't want to hear. 

Episode 28 - Meredith
May 16, 2023

While caring for his convalescing wife, a man makes a strange discovery which forces him to question his family's fraught dynamic. 

Episode 27 - Kai
December 16, 2022

Emboldened by an unfortunate cocktail of grief and anger, a lonely man is drawn into a mysterious world of disturbing promises.

Episode 26 - All Those Little Choices
November 18, 2022

A revered documentarian discusses their involvement in identifying the perpetrator of a heinous crime.

Episode 25 - Projection
November 18, 2022

The emergence of a mysterious cult film triggers the return of a struggling individual's dangerous childhood obsession.

Episode 24 - Addendum
September 25, 2022

A recluse is plagued by strange ailments which force them to reconsider their place in the world.

Episode 23 - House Sitting
August 30, 2022

A man in desperate need of cash takes a house sitting gig which appears too good to be true. 

Episode 22 - Fate In The Water
July 18, 2022

When a fishing trip takes a dark turn, the survivor of the mysterious accident begins to question what really happened.

Episode 21 - Snake Oil
June 25, 2022

A man's distrust of his daughter's new boyfriend leads him into a dangerous game of big rewards and even bigger consequences.

Episode 20 - The Tree Of Life And Death
May 27, 2022

A former child prodigy struggles to shake the damaging legacy of their peculiar career.