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Episode 39
November 24, 2021

Right after Halloween we’re immediately in the Holiday Season, depending on who you ask and who can even afford it? Gas prices are way up more some than others in different states. Biden’s current approval rating looks like a graded exam with a lot of red

Episode 38: Halloween Kills Review
October 30, 2021

“Halloween Kills” Review and Spoiler Discussion. “Halloween Kills” is the latest movie of the “Halloween” franchise and is the middle installment of the “Halloween H40” trilogy timeline. This film has brewed up a lot of controversy between Halloween/Horro

Episode 37: Faith Lodise
October 17, 2021

Faith Lodise Returns! Faith Lodise is a competitive body builder, as she follows up and goes in depth on her performance from the Connecticut Grand Prix. She runs through on how a typical show day is, how placing works for these shows, where she placed an

Episode 36
September 29, 2021

The weather changed and the pumpkin spice psychos are back. This will be a very pro wrestling centric episode. AEW planted an even bigger flag in the wrestling world at Arthur Ashe Stadium making their mark once again. The boys hit up Newark and Queens fo

Episode 35
September 19, 2021

Arenas and Stadiums are finally filling up to capacity but do you need to show your covid card? The landscape of Pro Wrestling is changing drastically for the first time in over 20 years as WWE is no longer the only game in town. AGM and friends gear up f

Episode 34
September 03, 2021

It’s not the end of summer until after Labor Day. The CouchKast gears up for the Fall. In the meantime the wrestling world was shaken by the return of CM Punk on AEW. Biden’s decision making isn’t very amusing to many thus far. Vaccine boosters is now goi

Episode 33
August 10, 2021

August usually means hot and humid or a lot of rain but it’s bringing a lot more. NY baseball is looking very promising for both Mets and Yankees since the new trades. Rap has been on top for over the last 10 years and Rock is finally making a comeback. T

Episode 32
July 19, 2021

Mid July is like leaving your house and forgetting the stove is still on. Another butler gigs story as they keep getting more and more interesting. AGM is finally a head counselor at a summer camp and is 3 weeks in. Stand up comedy and live poetry are dif

Episode 31
June 29, 2021

Summer is in full swing and people were ready. On this episode Mikey got a new job at a place where most of you probably shop from. Another great butler gig story from lower Manhattan. Addison went to the “big boy” doctor for the first time in his life.

Episode 30: Faith Lodise
June 20, 2021

Faith Lodise is a competitive bodybuilder from Long Island. She goes in depth and gives her entire story. The origins of breaking into the weight lifting community, the transition from powerlifting to bodybuilding with the pros and cons of both, the commo