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More Power Less Code with Someleze Diko
March 24, 2021

In this episode we are chatting to Someleze Diko discussing his journey into tech, Power Platforms and the future of South Africa adopting the low code platforms more especially Power Apps, if you wan

Virtual Reality and the actual REALITY in Africa
March 03, 2021

Interview with Daliso Ngoma who is an advocate of AR/VR in South Africa, founder and Managing Director of African Technopreneurs which is focused on providing the best AR/VR/360 camera hardware into S

The Social Geeks Podcast Come back
February 18, 2021

Background of why I started the podcast, the pause of the production and the future of the podcast

Perspectives of different tech ecosystems with Tiisetso Modubu
August 12, 2020

Tiisetso Modubu is a South African born Software Engineer working at the UK with a keen interest in working with both Hardware and Software, She is a noob gamer, Founder of WeeDigital Ad Don't forget