Eclipse – Java Offheap

Eclipse – Java Offheap

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OffHeap 58. New Year, new rules, new bans!
January 31, 2021

Many things are happening this year. With the official end of the Adobe Flash era, we take a dive on the current landscape including Netbeans, Microprofile 4.0, the alledged Russia Cyber attack of Jetbrains Software, and then into the huge sway that socia

Episode 40. Oh What a Year…Hystrix is gone, Eclipse can now do specs, and we just toast for 2018.
January 02, 2019

That’s it folks, we say goodbye to an interesting 2018, where we look back at release trains (we started on Java 9, now we are at 11), mergers (Microsoft + Github, and IBM + Redhat) and past conferenc