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Back to Basics
February 01, 2022

The PodCrew reunite for the 1st time in 2022, and it seems they're back to basics: good conversation, plenty of laughs and mocking Sophie. In this week's episode, we promise high-pitched squeals and a 100% accurate description of their roles on the podcas

Auld Lang Syne
December 31, 2021

2021 is about to end, and these two years haven't been the start of the decade we wished. Resilience, adaptability and flexibility are the words that promise to continue to take us onward. Tonight, with the help of our PodCrew, we reflect on the highs an

Holy Holly
December 27, 2021

Holidays are very much the topic of conversation for this (and most) family. The PodCrew gathers around their imaginary pine tree to share their Christmas traditions, and they realise that food is what links them all together. In this episode, Sophie reac

December 05, 2021

In this 100% not sponsored video, we welcome our two new hosts! Sophie & João join our long-standing duo to bring the PodCrew back to a quartet. This week, the debate gets heated: is a hot dog a sandwich or not?

Rated C for CLIP Audiences
October 11, 2021

What do Inês & Constança have queued up on their Netflix watch list? Find out on this week's episode of the CLIPCast, plus a conversation about if Parental Guidance ratings (still) make sense. This episode is rated G for General Audiences! --- Send

October 01, 2021

The PodCrew is back, sort of. It's more like a PodDuo. Inês & Constança are alone on an episode all about vaccines & back to school, where they also address the elephant in the room and tell you how you can become the next host. It feels great to

'Twas All Good
August 23, 2021

It was all good, folks! After a necessary leave of absence, the Podcrew got back together for the season finale. With JP & Maria overwhelmed by the bittersweet feeling of graduation - and Constança & Inês feeling the pressure of seniority - watch

Gen Zs
March 21, 2021

This time around, the PodCrew cracks open a treasure chest of memories, exploring their pop-culture references. From their favourite TV shows to catastrophic near-death events, the PodCrew reflect on what was it like growing up in the 2000s & 201

Fill The Void
March 14, 2021

In late January and early February, when the school closed and lessons couldn't carry one, the Media Club came up with an ambitious plan to Fill The Void. Every day, for 15 days, they would release new content on YouTube & Instagram to help our commun

The Time Travellers
February 16, 2021

In a day all about getting in costumes and playing pretend, our PodCrew discuss where they would go if they could time travel & what superpower they would choose. We hope your Carnival was fun, safe & #AtHome. Carnival or not, the mask stays on.