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A Discussion at 9,000 Feet, with Chris Murphy
September 23, 2022

Chris Murphy is a documentary and commercial cinematographer and director from Great Falls, Montana. In this podcast, we discuss Chris' perspective on what makes a functional documentary set atmospher

Pushing the Boundaries of Photography, with Christian Pondella
July 21, 2022

Christian Pondella is a world class action sports photographer, adventure seeker, skier, climber, and father Join the conversation on Patreon! We help each other get better at storytelling... pa

Saving Lives for $15 an Hour
October 20, 2021

https://chng.it/YThsphSL7r Manolo Lopez is an emergency medical technician (EMT), who is originally from Mexico, but he grew up in Azusa, CA (More on that later). Throughout our conversation, we tack

Anything and Everything, with Chris Benchetler
October 05, 2021

Chris Benchetler is a professional skier, artist, director, climber, designer, father, and husband, from Mammoth California. Chris grew up ski racing until finding his path outside of times and scorec

What Does 9/11 Mean to You
September 14, 2021

Thank you to those who sat down with me. Never Forget.

Alphasnap and the Art of Car Photography
September 02, 2021

This, is Jay Shindledecker, Jay is an automobile photographer and videographer, account executive, creator, and friend, based in Los Angeles, California. I was lucky enough to go with him to South OC

The Art of Salsa Music, ft. Los Vecinos
August 28, 2021

Los Vecinos is a community of “the neighbors”, who come together to play and perform both Salsa and Cumbia music to a variety of audiences throughout the Los Angeles area and abroad. Los Vecinos was p

How to Photograph the Most Dangerous Waves in the World... Ft James Ferrell
August 24, 2021

James Ferrel is a wave cinematographer specialist, photographer, filmmaker, friend, and an overall stoked dude who loves everything ocean. He spends most of his time exploring Southern California sear

MY WORLD (Max Sauerbrey)
August 13, 2021

On this Friday's episode, my guest, is myself... Hopefully, you learn a little bit about me if you didn't know. See you on Tuesday.

A Crazy Moon Lady and the Ambiguity of Spirituality
August 07, 2021

Mystical Melia is a psychic with a psych degree who focuses on bridging mental and physical health through spirituality. This takes the form of taro readings, crystal grids, astrology, and others. Thr