Hall of Fame Video Games and Movies

Hall of Fame Video Games and Movies

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Games Ep 134 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
July 13, 2023

Mike and Matt are stealthily sneaking another podcast into your stream, as they enshrine Splinter Cell Chaos Theory into the great Halls of Fame. Listen to what makes this game the standout of the franchise Email us at thehalloffamepod@gmail.com Follow u

Games Ep 133 Doom II
July 06, 2023

Mike and Matt are back in the world of Doom, with the sequel to the original Doom II. Found out why this roman numeral sequel is one of the greatest games of all time! Email us at thehalloffamepod@gmail.com Instagram @halloffamepod --- Send in a voice

Games Ep 132 Tears of the Kingdom Deep Impressions
June 29, 2023

Mike and Matt could not resist another return to Tears of the Kingdom. Here our mostly spoiler free discussions on our deeper play of Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thehalloffa

Games Ep 131 Nintendo Direct Recap June 2023
June 22, 2023

Mike and Matt interrupted their regularly scheduled programming to bring you a thorough recap of the June 2023 Nintendo Direct. Hear their thoughts, and find out why this is one of the best Nintendo Directs in history. Follow us @halloffamepod Email us at

Games Ep 130 Donkey Kong '94
June 15, 2023

Mike and Matt have returned to the Game Boy to discuss a very unique special game that goes generally unnoticed. Donkey Kong '94 is the star of the show, and we'll tell you why it's in our Hall of Fame! Email us at thehalloffamepod@gmail.com I

Games Ep 129 Super Smash Bros Ultimate
June 08, 2023

The culmination of many iterations of this series, brings us to the game deserving of the name Ultimate, Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Find out why Mike and Matt are amazed at this achievement and why it's spectacular! Email us at

Games Ep 128 Tears of the Kingdom Impressions
June 01, 2023

Although neither of us have completed the game, nor covered even a major portion of the content, we felt obligated to discuss Tears of the Kingdom. This phenomenon is too big to be ignored at this time, so here are our early impressions of the newest Zeld

Games Ep 127 Sony State of Play Live Reactions
May 25, 2023

Rather than talk about the newest induction into our Hall of Fame, Matt and Mike LIVE react to the newest Sony State of Play, announcing new games, and showing footage of previously announced games! Watch along with us, or just listen to our reactions to

Games Ep 126 God of War II
May 18, 2023

Mike and Matt have returned to the legend of Kratos and his troubles with the Greek Gods. This time we're talking God of War II on the Playstation 2, where he seeks revenge on Zeus! See why this game is an all time great! Email us at thehalloffamepod@

Games Ep 125 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
May 11, 2023

We're back in the world of Grand Theft Auto, with arguably the best of all - San Andreas. Find out why the final entry on the Playstation 2 is possibly the best. Follow us @halloffamepod Email us thehalloffamepod@gmail.com --- Send in a voice messa