Latest Episodes

10: The Sustainability One
May 10, 2021

What a hot topic! Delve into the fascinating world of sustainability with loads of tips from Becca, Kaley and Janet on how to develop a sustainable mindset and habits, discover amazing plant-based foodie inspiration, decrease your waste, make a difference

9: The Sports One
April 26, 2021

Jump into all things sport as Greg has the chats with Ali, Ciarán and Ruth on how to get started and discover the sport that’s for you, how technology’s enhancing sports, going pro, women in sport, and skills to take with you into all areas of life. With

8: The Science One
April 12, 2021

Science is everywhere! Get ready for Eureka moments as Greg dives in with Barry, Ben and Kat. Discover how curiosity makes you see the world differently, how rocket launches bring people together, and the reality behind science in popular culture. This on

7: The Music One
March 29, 2021

Get your fill of musical musings in this one, from discovering the classical music you didn’t realise you’re into, to the future of music videos and live gigs, and everything in between. Tune in for chats on TikTok virality, building beats in your bedroom

6: The Health One
March 15, 2021

Take a deep breath and dive into holistic health as Greg and guests chat about what it’s really like to look after your physical and mental in our highly-connected world. Discover journaling tricks, super low-effort meditation, tips on nailing your routin

5: The Activism One
March 01, 2021

Be an ally, be a megaphone, be a best buddy. If you want to get active and make a difference by fighting for a cause, listen in to this one. Greg talks with Brian, Méabh and Odhran about addressing your own biases, putting others first, all the ways you c

4: The Business One
February 15, 2021

Greg chats to Jennifer, Bismarck and Clara about all things business. Give this one a whirl for inspiration on bringing your business ideas to life, interesting industries to keep your eye on in the future, how to give investing a go (even trying it out w

3: The Tech One
February 01, 2021

Greg really leaves the comfort zone behind as he jumps into the world of coding, hacking and computer systems with Conor, Graham and Jemma. Get to grips with how to understand what goes on behind the tech you know and love, what’s going on in the world of

2: The Filmmaking One
January 18, 2021

We dive into all things film, from coming up with the story to final production with Arianna, Jordan and Stephen. Listen in for loads of tips on bringing your ideas to life, insights into the huge variety of roles in filmmaking, shooting your Instagram vi

1: The Performance Arts One
January 18, 2021

Greg talks song, dance and musicals with Amy, Bianca and Senan. Tune in for advice on kicking your own nerves, insight into society life, and tangents on muscle burn, man-buns and Grease (the musical).    With the awesome:  Bianca Banares, UCD Dance Socie